GDPR Complient &




  • done Become consent-driven Enable cookie and tracking in
    accordence with user consents.
  • done Collect cookie consents Collect & store cookie consents
    in accordence with the GDPR,
    ePrivacy & CCPA legislation.
  • done Use cookies server-side Track visitors behaivior offline
    with cloud-liftet cookies


  • done Collect & store GDPR data Collect PII data & consents in accordance with GDPR
  • done Build-in form tracking Track how visitors move through your forms
  • done Trigger Server-side action Trigger email, sms, server-side pixels ect.


Collect relevant, actionable & user-centric
about each customer in your business.
Track their every move using industry leading,
best-practice auto-tracking SDK technology.
Dynamic Cookie Popup

One Dynamic Cookie Popup
to use across all your business

A Cookie Consent Solution
Like no other

Reuse & reactivate
Browser cookies
Anytime, Anywhere

Dynamic GDPR Forms

Collect & Activate
Customers Data
Like no other

Use incomming form data to
trigger actions & automation flows

Get insight into customers
with build-in form tracking

Support any language

Dynamic Legal Terms

Have all your legal docs in one place

Keep track of your
Terms & Condition
GDPR Documents

Track Visitors GDPR Consent Relative To Each Doc, Data Controllers & Data Actions

Auto-Tracking SDK

Start Collecting Heighly
Actionable Data

Trigger Actions & Tasks
based on icomming event-data

Analyze all Raw Data without limits

Query Data & Execute Action
Targeting Custom Segments

Questionnaires & NPS Surveys

Collect and store GDPR complient cookie- & form-consents, and ensure GDPR complient data-activation

Meassure Customers Satisfaction
Using NPS Score

Understand Your Customers Behavior
Throuh Surveys

Dynamic FAQs

FAQs a efficient source of
Customer Support

Use the same FAQ on multiple sites,
it automaticly adapt itself

Get Insights Into Your
Customers Information Needs